Silent Auction Travel Packages

Heritage CAA is proud to introduce our new VIP Travel category. With Local Overnight Experiences, Family Vacations and V.I.P. Travel becoming more popular within the 501(c)(3) fundraising community, we have dedicated the time to negotiate with national travel partners, individual property owners along with customizing our own exclusive packages to provide our clients with over 400 quality choices for travel and entertainment throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Each experience has been very carefully chosen based on location, room quality, available amenities and price. You Heritage representative will be available at your convenience to personally go over the specifics of your preferred experiences, and we all look forward to working with each of you as you plan that special time to just get away.

Custom Travel by Heritage
These trips have been custom designed by Heritage Travel LLC. They were selected based on uniqueness and value. Click here to browse our custom travel packages.

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Bucket List Packages
These packages offer once in a lifetime experiences that include attending the Grammy's with after party, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol as well as a London James Bond Experience.

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Luxury Travel Experiences
These packages provide a broad range of experiences throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. They include TV Awards Shows, Concerts and others “Bucket List” alternatives.

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